Tired of working so hard on trying to figure out how to create a successful business?

But it feels like no matter how much hard work you put in, it never seems to help hit your goals?

So many people talk about “manifesting” and “flow & ease”, but it feels like some special “members only” club that you haven’t been invited to...

I know I felt that way in the past. My first year of business back in 2014, I made an average of just $100 a month…

In my second year of business, I started in January 2015 on $500 a month.

But want to know something crazy?

By January 2016, just one year later, I had my first $50,000 month!

Now of course I needed to implement a strong business strategy to get that growth.

But that wasn’t the core reason I 100X’ed my business…

To grow that fast, it’s vital to create wealth consciousness.

Think about it - it can’t simply be hustle that makes us successful, or you’d be there already.

Before I developed wealth consciousness, I kept myself trapped in a corporate job I hated, making just $100 a month in my business even though I slaved over it every morning, evening, lunch break and weekend. 

Simply put: I was blocking and sabotaging my success.

But when I understood that it was my mind and energy that created my success, I jumped all in on transforming my energetic blocks and overcoming my limiting beliefs.

So how did I create a strong wealth consciousness?

I did three key things every day:


These are books that re-program our minds to allow in wealth, money, success, and clients. 

Not every book on success is made equal though - and I wasted a lot of time on crappy books that were just written for the author to be an author! 



This helped me to clear my thoughts and reprogram my subconscious for success. I struggled a lot with meditation in the beginning because not every meditation is designed to shift your wealth consciousness. In fact, some “spiritual teachers” actively worked against wealth!


This is my signature process I developed to create my dreams into reality every day. 

I call it the Six Figure journaling process because it has been a key driver in me manifesting $100k in just a couple of weeks… not once, but twice!

Previously, this Six Figure Journaling process has only been available to clients in my high ticket coaching programs, but I wanted more coaches and healers to have access to this powerful process.

So, I am excited to announce that you can grab my Six Figure Journaling Bundle for a limited time!

I’ve included everything you need to create a powerful & transformational wealth consciousness! 

Here’s what you get in the Six Figure Journaling Bundle:

I’ve included everything you need to create a powerful & transformational wealth consciousness! 

Six Figure Journaling Process - value $197

This is my signature 5-step system I repeat DAILY to literally create my dreams into reality. 

I can’t tell you the amount of things I have written in my journals over the last 8 years that have come true! From hitting my business income goals, to manifesting more than $100k at a time, to finding the exact homes I have desired multiple times, to travelling the world full time for 5 years, to getting my coaching content in front of millions of people - twice!

Now you can get special video training to walk you through exactly how to do the Six Figure Journaling Process yourself to create your dreams into reality as well.


It takes time to create a habit, and six figure journaling is a habit that pays off! 

Get access to 30 daily journaling prompts, each with a mini audio training that you can do once a day for 30 days to create the most powerful manifesting habit you’ll ever experience.


Our subconscious beliefs often block us from manifesting our desires. But with this powerful Belief Clearing training, you’ll be able to smash your subconscious blocks in just 5 minutes a day so that you can manifest your dreams into reality as well. 

In fact, when I first learned this modality, clearing those blocks allowed me to call in my first ever coaching client for $500, even though I had been trying and failing to get a client for a full 5 months previously!


So many meditations are confusing because it’s just music and you don’t know what to do. Or, they are really long and it’s hard to fit them into your busy day. 

Instead, I’ve created powerful 15-minute meditations. These are like supercharged meditations that pack a whole lot of punch in a short amount of time, so you get the benefit of meditation in less time.

I’ve created 3 different meditations so that you always have one that fits your needs. You’ll get access to these 15-minute meditations in this Six Figure Journaling bundle so that you can create this powerful daily habit as well. 


Want to know the exact books I read in my second year of business that helped catapult me from $500 a month to $50,000 a month in just a year? 

It took me years to source and discover these books (while wasting a lot of time on books that didn’t help me), but I’m sharing my curated list of the most inspiring and transformational books I’ve read from 2015 to the present day in my easy access Six Figure Reading List - yours free today!

total value: $415

Today ONLY: $37

"I'm now hitting my goal of $10-15k a month consistently"

Brockell Briddle - Yoga Mentor - USA

"$6,500 so far this year vs. just $1,000 the year before"

Stacy Kellogg - Coach - USA

There’s a powerful shift when you learn how to manifest.

It feels like finally being in control of your destiny. Life no longer feels out of control. There's a certainty that ANYTHING you need or desire can always be attracted.

There's no more money worries or anxiety. No more freak outs about when the next client will come through.

Cool, calm, confident, relaxed.

Money becomes a constant, like a reliable best friend who’s always got your back.

And all that energy you were spending on worry and fear and anxiety? It can be turned into superpowered focus on what's really important - creating the life you want to live, helping the people you’re here to help, and making your own special mark on the world.

With a strong wealth consciousness, you become unstoppable.

I want this feeling for you, too.

When you get the Six Figure Journaling Bundle today, you’ll get immediate access to everything you need to create your own powerful wealth consciousness as well, so that you can manifest the success you desire:

  • Six Figure Journaling Process video trainings - value $197
  • 30 Day Journaling Challenge - value $97
  • Special Belief Clearing Training - value $47
  • Supercharged Guided Meditation Bundle - value $47
  • ​Six Figure Reading List - value $27

total value: $415

Today ONLY: $37

"These mindset techniques were like gold to me: eye-opening & enriching"

Jo Zulaica - Leadership Coach - USA

"I'm hardly working & signing clients each week. I have time for myself"

Natasha Burns - Fertility Homeopath - UK

When you create a daily Six Figure Journaling habit, expect to:

>> Feel supercharged with confidence and certainty to show up and lead in your life and business

>> Attract money in exciting and totally unexpected ways

>> Turn up the dial on receiving your desires

>> Develop an unshakeable faith that what you want is guaranteed

>> Start experiencing synchronicities and miraculous events that are just too common to be “coincidences” 

I’ve personally coached hundreds of amazing coaches, healers and experts for almost a decade in business. My coaching programs start at $5,000 and working 1:1 with me is at least $100,000 a year.

But I’m committed to getting this powerful, transformational Six Figure Journaling process into the hands of every coach, healer or expert who wants to succeed, because I understand as well as you that the more you overcome your limits and hit your goals in your business, the more people you will be able to help.

So instead of charging the value of this bundle at $415...
on this page only, you can get access for just 

total value: $415

Today ONLY: $37

You’ll get instant access for life to everything in this bundle - all the video training, journal prompts, books and meditations you need to transform your wealth consciousness as well - all for the price of a week of Starbucks coffees!

With this bundle you’ll have everything you need to say goodbye to fear, confusion and stress in your life and business, and you’ll be able to start attracting your desires to you with calm and empowerment.

Get instant access to everything you need to create a Six Figure wealth consciousness as well:

  • Six Figure Journaling Process video trainings - value $197
  • 30 Day Journaling Challenge - value $97
  • Special Belief Clearing Training - value $47
  • Supercharged Guided Meditation Bundle - value $47
  • ​Six Figure Reading List - value $27

total value: $415

Today ONLY: $37

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Rosie Freiha


I help coaches, healers & experts who are committed to creating abundance and changing the world in their own unique way. 

I help them by teaching simple & effective business, mindset and energetic strategies to create consistent income & impact. 

I want coaches & healers to thrive and live in abundance so they can focus on living their dreams and contributing to others by sharing their gifts with the world.

I believe that we all have a role to play in making the world a better place, but we cannot have our greatest impact when we’re living in survival mode and limited by our thoughts and beliefs.

I started my career consulting hedge funds in one of the world's top investment banks before I transitioned to coaching in 2014. 

In my almost decade of coaching, I’ve invested over $150,000 in mastering both business and the mindset & energy of being a leader. I’m an experienced business owner, having founded 4 companies online since 2014. 

Since then I’ve personally coached hundreds of coaches, healers & experts and I’ve inspired over 13,000 women to start and grow their own service-based businesses.

Wealth consciousness work transforms your life no matter where you are right now.

So - are you ready to join us and create your own Six Figure Mindset as well?

Is going back to the hustle and struggle even an option now that you’ve seen what’s possible?

At this insane 91% discount, it’s pretty simple:

  • Six Figure Journaling Process video trainings - value $197
  • 30 Day Journaling Challenge - value $97
  • Special Belief Clearing Training - value $47
  • Supercharged Guided Meditation Bundle - value $47
  • ​Six Figure Reading List - value $27

total value: $415

Get instant access now for just $37!

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